Friday, February 15, 2013

happy gum disease awareness month <3

Here in Pennsylvania February is gum disease awareness month. I am serious. Did you also know February 6th is Toothache Day? February seems to be a big day for holidays, including Valentine’s Day yesterday.

Did you eat a lot of sweets? Heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast? Pick up flowers for someone special (or yourself)?

Valentine’s day sneaked up on me. This week we had an exam sandwich and Valentine’s day fell right in between. So my day looked like this:


I spent the evening studying and catching up with a dear classmate- dental school’s been so busy we barely had time to talk. Walking home I saw many many flowers and chocolates and shopping bags. I swear every restaurant had set up their tables to seat for two. I overheard someone say this: “there is so much love today!”- yes, I think it should be like this every day.

Last Valentine’s Day was a stressful affair for me. Sometimes Valentine’s Days just fall on inappropriate timelines of a relationship.

Valentine’s day isn’t just about romantic love. There’s love for friends, professors (ahem), your family, and yourself. Or just beautiful things, like these tulips. I can’t wait until they bloom.


Happy Valentine’s day & gum disease awareness month everyone! Hope you had a day filled with love and kindness. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go pick up all the leftover chocolates to stow me over until Halloween…

What was the highlight of your Thursday/Valentine’s Day?
What holiday are you more excited about: V-day or Toothache Day?

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