Monday, February 11, 2013

happy new lunar year!

Sunday was the most beautiful sunny day. After my conflicted post about peace (or lack of), I walked outside in the beautiful sun to see this PEACE sculpture. It’s made of metal, so it gleams and shines with the sun. It’s twenty times more beautiful when the sun is around.

That moment I was the happiest person in that quad. (This quad has like three libraries so most people out here were studying for exams on a beautiful Sunday morning… not happy.)

2013-02-10 12.55.18

… also because Saturday was freezing. I went to an outdoor workout thinking it was going to be indoors. After doing burpees on the snowy ground with bare hands, I thought my career as a dentist was over. My hands were red, throbbing, and frozen solid. But I survived to see this gorgeous sunshine the next day.

It is officially the beginning of lunar year 2013, year of the snake! Since I wasn’t in Korea to celebrate with my family, we chatted on the phone and I properly drooled over the food pictures like this of 떡국, or dduk-gook with sliced rice cake pieces and a creamy broth.

In Korean tradition, you’re supposed to finish one entire bowl to become one year older.


2013: Stay optimistic. Spend time on things that make me happy.
(And from the solar new year) Take care of myself. Be bold.

OverflowingOptimismFrom Live Now, as featured on Brain Pickings

Happy new year, everybody. New year’s blessings & good luck! The Korean new year greeting is literally this: “Bok/복” with the long O means good fortune.


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    1. Yes, I don't realize how important health is until I am actually sick. It's important to stay healthy and pay attention to your body- always.

  2. 우리 애기들 없어 많이 아쉬웠네
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    소망하는 모든것 이루고 건강한 한해를 보내자꾸나*^^*