Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Philadelphia tourist weekend

My friend Tiffany visited me in Philadelphia this weekend. Tiffany currently works in Wisconsin with its wonderful farms and cheeses (but she doesn’t work on a farm…). Another Rice alum Kathy and I were so excited to have Tiffany visit us! Although she’s been to Philadelphia before, we wanted to show her the wonderful Philadelphia spots we’ve grown to love and appreciate.

So I took a break from my dental school life and enjoyed Philly as a tourist for one weekend. The Philly places I wanted to show Tiffany were Reading Terminal Market, Rittenhouse Square, Chinatown, Baltimore Avenue, Amtrak Station and Center City in general.


All this walking around Philly was offset by a lot of food. And I do mean a lot: I was never hungry, just different shades of full. We had Chinatown noodles, Mexican brunch lunch at El Vez, Ethiopian food on Baltimore, and Amish pastries at Reading Terminal. Oh and Yogorino and Capogiro desserts too. We have been spoiled by the diverse Houston foodie scene but Philadelphia definitely holds its own.

Hand drawn noodles in Chinatown:noodles

The newly rescheduled 30th Street Craft Market at Amtrak Station:
(They had so many cute prints and jewelry! I made some impulse purchases.) amtrakfair


And we ate a relaxing homemade brunch before Tiffany left for her flight. It was a weekend full of delicious food and inspiring chats. I was literally jotting down notes from our conversation so I could remember them later. Here’s something Kathy shared with us that I absolutely love:

A kid eats a steamed bun. He’s still hungry so he eats another. And another. After the fifth one he finally feels full. He says, “I should have picked this one so that I could’ve been full sooner!”


Every time I spend time with Tiffany I gain new perspectives and fresh insight on my world view. And because everyone needs a Tiffany in her life, Tiffany is going to be starting her very own advice column very soon. ;)

It was a lovely weekend to see this Philadelphia I’ve taken for granted the last few months. I forgot that I was a dental student these last few days. Sunday night was a bit of a scramble but this weekend= definitely worth it.


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