Wednesday, March 13, 2013

annual session: kyle maynard- no excuses

At ASDA Annual Session 2013, Kyle Maynard opened with our Keynote Presentation. A congenital quadruple amputee, Kyle overcame many obstacles in his life to become a martial arts athlete, owner of a Crossfit gym, and a successful climber of Mouth Kilimanjaro.

He had one powerful message for us dental students this Thursday morning: “No more excuses”.


He challenged us to ask this one question:

“What is the #1 excuse keeping you from reaching your full potential today?”

He brought up an interesting point, that everyone has a disability whether or not it is visible. For him, it is a physical disability that was readily visible to others. But for others, it may be something deep inside such as fear. Fear of failure keeps us from trying in the first place.

I felt like he was reading from my journal! (“I’m not going to even give it a try because…”) I did chew on this these last few days but fear is a strong deterrent. That fear of failure, embarrassment, and rejection keeps me at a safe distance so that I’m not left vulnerable. The worst they can say is no- I know- but that no stings sometimes. I know I’m being very vague here… I wish I could have an in-person pow-wow with you guys to discuss openly and gain some perspective!

I like that this speech was more overarching theme/motivation for life, rather than being so specifically dental-relevant. I’ve been carrying around some conference goodies from Annual Session as a reminder of what I learned and felt at the session:


Settling back into routine is rough! I woke up two minutes before I was supposed to be at the dental school this morning. For others just getting back from spring break like me, let’s power through the rest of the semester until the summer. :)

What excuse did you make for yourself today?
How have you overcome fear/being vulnerable? Any pointers for me?