Friday, March 1, 2013

cadaver anatomy and wax-up’s

I am officially on spring break! Whoooooo!!!

This week has been really busy with Cadaver Anatomy starting, GRD (those wax-up labs I talk so much about), and DAU (dental assisting) in full swing. Here at Penn dental students get to dissect cadavers after the lecture component of the class is over.

When I was at my Penn interview, our tour guide mentioned that she had to go to the med school for dissections. I remember thinking, “ohmygosh dental students do dissections?”

After learning all about the muscles, nerves, and blood vessels running through the head and thorax region, I see why it’s important for dentists to have this knowledge. And to get to dissect a real human body is an amazing opportunity.


As of this week, we’re DONE with waxing up teeth! We actually started with the high-speed drills this week and will continue with the different dental restorative preps when we come back from spring break (all tan and relaxed).

I worked on our negative carving exercise at home while watching documentaries on Netflix. I got a little too enthusiastic and carved down all my buccal cusps. The D2’s were right: stop while you’re ahead…

And about cadaver lab- getting dressed at 7:00 in the morning is a little tricky. I walked around looking like a tropical bird this Tuesday:


Running home from cadaver lab, I kept smelling my hair to see if it smelled like formaldehyde… not because I haven’t showered in three days. I can’t get the smell off my hands either.

But it’s going to be so wonderful having Friday afternoons off. January-February was crazy. I’m hoping March gets a little better.


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