Sunday, March 31, 2013

infection control in dental offices

When I’m in GRD lab fired up working on a project, extra layers can be uncomfortable. But we are reminded that protection barriers are necessary to protect both us and the patients, and it’s important for us to get used to working with protection barriers.

Did you see the Tulsa oral surgeon who put more than a thousand of his patient in danger of HIV and Hepatitis? Similar incident happened at the VA hospital in St. Louis couple of years back.


As mentioned in the article, can you imagine if you (or your kid) got HIV from a careless dentist? Even as dental students we are advised to use standard precautions for all patients- including our preclinic mannequins.


  1. I stumbled across your website and it's been real informative. I'm an international going to graduate soon and am considering pursuing dental school in the near future so I'll be stopping by your blog from time to time. Thanks for the useful posts!


    1. You're welcome! Good luck with your final semester & application process. I hope to "see" you around here often.