Thursday, March 28, 2013

lemons to lemonade: break from GRD lab

We are taking an unexpected break from general restorative lab because of problems in the laboratory. Classes are cancelled until further notice and we are not allowed to go in after hours either. Yay!… or nay? The exam dates are still set in stone (our exam schedule was set from summer before we even got to dental school) so our first dental lab practical is coming up.


But… I’m not stressing out just yet. I’m enjoying this unexpected break. Today we only had a morning quiz & the rest of the day off. After my orthodontics appointment (I now have elastics on my braces), I caught up on tasks and emails. I also learned about the importance of strength training and caught up with friends in an adorably elephant-themed apartment.

Making lemonade out of this lemon situation. Dental school can be (unexpectedly) fun and relaxing- sometimes.