Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Penn Dental: Oral Cancer Walk & Run

What are you doing Saturday April 6th?


Come out to Penn’s annual Oral Cancer Walk & 5k! Run for a great cause and check out our beautiful school campus. ;)

The run- benefiting the Oral Cancer foundation- starts at 8:30AM (sign up for the race here) and the walk at 10AM. There will be free head and neck screenings from 8-noon.


Dr. Thomas Sollecito, the Chair at Department of Oral Medicine at University of Pennsylvania (who is an awesome speaker), and Christian “Patch” Patchell, an oral cancer survivor, are our featured speakers for 2013.

A great team of us are putting in much time and effort into this event and we would love for everyone to attend. Even if you aren’t a runner (you can also do the walk), drop by the school and get a free oral cancer screening. It’s painless (actually a pretty relaxing neck massage) and these quick ten minutes could save your life. We’ll have fun events for the entire family too! I think it’d be a wonderful way to spend a fun Philadelphia morning.

Please shoot me an email if you have any questions! I’d love to see you at this run Saturday morning if you’re in Philadelphia.


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