Thursday, March 21, 2013

quiet courage.

I found this quote at a moment I really needed it.


I know we have a week until Easter (I gave up coffee for Lent this year) but on some warm and sunny afternoons, all I want is iced coffee. I love the clinking of ice, the clear plastic cup, everything about the concept of iced coffee from coffee shops. It also screams hello, spring! But I’m hanging in there. Coffee, dental school, life-wise. Seventeen exams until summer. (I don’t want to live my life in countdowns to the next thing but dental school will do that to you.)


  1. I am constantly counting down/looking towards the next break, the next semester,graduation.... You're right, dental does do that to you.

    1. And you are closer to graduation (than me)!!! I daydream all the time thinking about this summer- we get two months off after first year.

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