Tuesday, March 12, 2013

visual learning in dental school

Biggest thing I learned this year is that I’m a visual learner. Dental school is pretty difficult so I needed to go back and figure out new things once my old methods failed to work.

Take this quiz (from University of South Dakota) for yourself to figure out what kind of learner you are. I also love these study tips from our neighbor: UMDNJ on study tips for visual, auditory, and tactile learners.

To see if you are also a visual learner (65% of people are):

Does d-o-g bring up a picture of a dog?
Do you use colors and highlighters?
Do you like to sit in the front?
Do you have difficulty following spoken directions? (Me!!!)

While reading these, I kept thinking: “that’s me!” I take notes all the time, when I’m on the phone or when I’m trying to brainstorm anything. A biggest panic moment is when I don’t have a pen and I have to remember something. Actually seeing the words on paper really helps me remember.

It’s a good thing I’m in dental school because a lot of our learning (and the nature of our work) involves seeing.


For one exam last semester I spent hours listening to recorded lectures. During the exam, I completely blanked. I remember information by recalling what lecture the information was on and then trying to visualize the page… which didn’t happen there.

Being a visual learner, I appreciate good powerpoint slides to accompany lectures so I can see the information as it is being presented. I also love infographics and detailed illustrations (Information is Beautiful has a ton).

Are you a visual learner?
What study tips have you found helpful as a visual/auditory/tactile learner?


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