Wednesday, March 6, 2013

wissahickon day trip

Good morning everyone! Spring break… feels wonderful. It’s a break from everyday dental student life and time to actually do the things I love: reading, cooking, and watching movies.

I took a mini train-trip to Wissahickon Creek this week. I really wanted to take a long train trip out of Amtrak station, but I had to be in Philadelphia for a few things. So a solo day trip, a beautiful nature hiking trail right here in Philadelphia had to do. (But I did go through the beautiful Philadelphia Amtrak station to get that train-trip feel.)


I went hiking here last semester when it was warm and sunny. This time it was much colder (mid-30’s) and almost deserted- save for a couple of shorts-wearing badass runners. I definitely did not wear enough to stay warm. By the time I made it to the Valley Green Inn, my hands were frozen and I could barely pick up the spoon.

Yep, this looks a lot different from the lush greenery I saw last year.


Once it warms up a bit (and dental school schedule gets lil more lax), it would be lovely to run along the Forbidden Trail. Even walking along the many hiking trails was a work-out. I had to pay attention to where I was stepping on the rocky trails. This early in the morning, coffee would have definitely helped.

I wrote a long text message so 127 Hours wouldn’t happen, but by the time I pressed “send” I was already in no-signal zone. I also forgot to bring my map, so every time there was a fork in the road, I freaked out. But I’m here now! And packing suits and dresses for the second half of my spring break…

Have you taken a solo trip anywhere?
Do you prefer the quiet nature or the busy bustlin’ cities?

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