Monday, April 15, 2013

all in (no multitasking allowed)

I wrote about why working at the museum wore me out so much: it was the constant multitasking. Because your brain can’t truly do more than one task at a time, you need to constantly switch from one task to another, which takes energy and effort.

When something is constantly bothering me in the back of my head, I cannot dive into one task alone. I waste a lot of time getting small tasks completed before I can tackle on the big project at hand- this is something I need to work on: prioritizing so that I focus on the most important task for that moment.

I took this mini test to see how well I can multitask. By completing some simple tasks to measure how well you focus on multiple tasks and how well you switch, this test gives you an idea of how good of a multi-tasker you are.


Here’s what I noticed: I may do okay, but I get so flustered taking these tests! I was jumping out of my chair clicking away on my keyboard. When I’m studying for multiple things, I get equally frustrated. I don’t think to prioritize different tasks. Instead I wear myself out thinking about the many different things I should be doing.

In thinking about the bigger picture, I have too many goals I’m working on right now. Bruce suggested it but I dismissed it earlier, thinking I can do it. I’m telling you that I’m feeling overwhelmed from everything I’ve signed up for, thinking it’s all equally very important. And when those goals come into direct conflict with one another (Be productive in the mornings!- but without coffee?) it’s a struggle. Priorities- either in life goals or in studying day to day- are very important. Especially if you are like me and don’t deal well with juggling multiple things.


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