Tuesday, April 23, 2013

dental life lately: photolog.

The Oral Cancer Walk and 5k! Who knew running is twice as fun with colorful balloons? Amazing event hosted by Penn Dental. I woke up early morning to volunteer (and eat many many bagels and cookies). I got to chat with dentists and oral cancer survivors. So inspirational.

GET SCREENED & screen yourself. Look in the mirror around your own mouth when you’re brushing and flossing.

2013-04-06 08.19.31

Oral cancer educational material: stuffed animals with TEETH! With my lovely classmate L.

2013-04-06 10.45.25

My marathon is coming up! I did not think I would be this busy when I signed up last fall… dental school is not the best place to train for a race.

But there’s so much beautiful historic architecture in Philadelphia and getting to see these on your run is a wonderful treat. Running across City Hall.

2013-03-02 10.37.15

What have you done with your handpiece lately? Beth Ann Magnuson (check out her Etsy shop here) creates intricate lace-like egg shells with dental drills.

2013-04-06 18.19.17

How amazing are these cupcakes? A bakery donated them & they were as delicious as they are creative. My mom used to send me all kinds of fondant flowers in my care packages when she was doing competitions. I’d eat a few and save the rest for apartment decoration. Sometimes food can be too pretty to eat.

2013-04-06 17.29.36


  1. 1) those eggs are amazing!!! I can't believe that lady thought of using a dental drill to do that hahaha.
    2) What does your mom do?? Is she like a professional baker?? Those ARE gorgeous cupcakes!

    1. 1) I know, right? I mean, how did she think to take that tool and make beautiful artistry?
      2) She's a restaurant manager but she used to do cooking competitions when we were living in Tampa! We'd do taste tests and go to all these restaurants just for her brain/taste-storming. Now we just go coffee hunting.

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