Thursday, April 18, 2013

eyesight help

My eyes are failing on me. Staring inside mannequins all morning and looking at embalmed cadavers in afternoons is doing all sorts of bad things to my vision. I got an eye exam this afternoon and couldn’t believe how bad my sight had gotten. The optometrist had to literally hold up two fingers and ask me how many.

I guess no LASIK for me this summer? I’m a little panicky since I’m going to be relying on my eyesight for my career. I need to be smarter about taking care of myself- eyes, back and all.

This picture isn’t really relevant but I bought some huge strawberries the other day. These were bigger than some apples I had. Similar response of disbelief to my new prescription I guess?


We had an exam this morning and a re-scheduled practical laboratory exam next week. Believing (and speaking in body-languages- watch this Ted talk to learn how you can “fool” your body!!!) that I can do it.

This week I tried quinoa and hemp seeds for the first time this week courtesy of my vegan mentor. I watched Kristina Carillo-Bucaram’s video on Raw Food Empowerment and am motivated to eat healthier, more beautiful foods. What foods are delicious, healthy, and good for your eyes?


  1. Oooh, I got this. Wrote a few articles about this for a vitamin supplement company!
    Anything heavy in antioxidants are great for your eyes: Blueberries and green tea are my favorite.
    Vitamin A deficiencies are super rare in developed countries, but just in case that's happening, then carrots, spinach, and Vietnamese Gac will fill you with the needed lutein.
    Anything with zeaxanthin and astaxanthin will fill out any gaps in the beta carotene spectrum. Lycii berry, saffron, and paprika are the most fun ways to add it to your diet.
    Of course, don't forget that your eyes are probably changing shape as you age, causing them to lose focus

    1. I love saffron and paprika! Those are fun spices to add to anything really. Just a little worried that at this rate I'll have to glue my glasses to my eyes. Thanks for the tips Sloan! :)