Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I’m feeling twenty-two (or twenty-three)

My first week of college AQ who quickly became my best friend won a preview screening of Gossip Girl. We actually bonded over the book series when we first met! Fast forward five years: Gossip Girl’s ended and I’m now older, living in a brand new city and yet sometimes I feel like I haven’t changed at all.

Meanwhile, these characters on Gossip Girl got married, discovered half-siblings, built corporate empires, got caught up in political scandals…GOSSIP GIRLPicture

In high school, I couldn’t wait to be in college. The college students I met were so confident, like they knew what they were doing. Not just in that moment, but also what they were doing with their lives.

Some of my friends are taking major grown-up steps (One of my suitemates got married this year! Another friend from Boston just had a baby!!). And seeing the old Glee cast transition from high school to real life college is making me think- where am I on this life timeline? But I don’t want to rush growing up yet.

Does anyone else have conflicted feelings about their twenties? This adult-transition-grow-up-phase can be some weird times. I love this song because it captures that feeling in the best way (the way only Taylor Swift can)


Pop culture does good things sometimes.

Do you like “22” by Taylor Swift…. or do you love it?