Monday, April 1, 2013

March: thank you for the rain (and snow!)

It’s end of another month. Here we go!

1. Surviving no coffee.
I went from drinking four cups a day to zero. I listened to my body more, to see when I needed to go to bed versus when I needed to eat something hearty, for example. This is also the first year I gave up something I love for Lent.

2. My first amalgam filling.
Lab is tricky. Learning all the dental procedures is great for feeling like I’m finally in dental school but can be oh-so-frustrating. I’ve had so many frustrated moments in lab.


When I’m on my sixth tooth and I make another irreversible mistake I want to give myself a honey chestnut (Korean reference). But sometimes I take a deep breath, pack up my dental kit, and tell myself that tomorrow is another day.

We’ve moved onto Class II amalgam preps and amalgam fillings. I filled my first amalgam(s) this month= super exciting! Well, if I took three hours on every prep and another three on every amalgam filling, I’d never have any happy patients… but I’m only a D1.

3. Philadelphia food heaven.
I think I’m going to move to Chinatown next year! Or maybe that’s a bad idea because I’d sip on tea and Vietnamese coffee and eat pastries every day.


I love Philadelphia’s Chinatown for its vegetarian-friendly options, ridiculously cheap fresh produce, and childhood comfort foods in grocery stores. Plus Trader Joe’s and the many vegan restaurants on my to-eat list (Hip City Veg, Blackbird) make me glad to be living in Philly.

4. A year of D is for Dentist.
One year ago I decided to start this blog- it’s been a long crazy year. And this blog has been a creative outlet and a great people-connector. I love hearing from people in various stages of dental school (pre-dental, dental students and alums aka dentists!) and talking about our different dental school experiences.

Now that it’s officially spring, you know what they say about spring rain:


What was the happiest moment in your March?
What’s your favorite thing about preclinical lab?
(Mine is dressing up in masks, gowns and loupes to look all official)


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