Sunday, April 14, 2013

on happiness and dental school

This weekend I watched Happy on Netflix and thought about happiness a bit.


All anyone wants to be is happy. And I think staying happy is so important, even when you are dealing with hardships. Because you can be miserable and worried about upcoming exams and dental school tidbits… but if someone were to ask you, “Okay, but are you happy?” you should be able to answer “YES!” and remember how lucky and happy you actually are.

I was tempted to click on this option while buying bus tickets for a weekend trip:


I went swing dancing this weekend. I forget how much I enjoy dancing! We used to go salsa dancing in sketchy underground clubs in Houston and laugh so much.

I’ve been neglecting things that make me happy. I thought/think: I’m in dental school, I’m going to graduate in a few years and start living my life! Have you heard the story of the Mexican Fisherman? You can work for years to get… where? You can live that life right now.


  1. When I'm buying plane tickets, I get tempted to buy a one-way flight.

    1. One-way flights are always associated with BIG life events. When I moved to Houston for college, when I came to Penn etc. When's the next time you/me will be buying one-way flights???

  2. I do not know, but not matter when it happens, hopefully it's for the better. Ho ho ho!