Sunday, April 7, 2013

working with new Designs for Vision loupes

Starting with our restorative procedures, we are required to use our dental loupes. I’ve been using my new Designs for Vision loupes and I love them (I wrote about choosing and ordering them earlier this semester). Using magnification took some time for me to get used to. I had originally considered buying a higher magnification but I’m glad I stuck with 2.5x for now.

Please excuse my messy desk. I took everything out of the box and played with my new toys inside as soon as I received my package.


One way loupes can help is by making sure you have great posture. Before using the loupes, by the end of the class I would be five inches away from the mannequin twisting my neck to look inside. At my working distance of 19 inches, the image is most crisp when I’m working ergonomically with good posture.

I also love my LED lights because I can actually see what I am doing. And since these lights weigh very little I always have the light on, even when I’m just using a hatchet to smooth out our drilled surface.

While getting ready to write this post earlier this week, I actually broke the nosepiece on my loupes! I emailed Kevin (our dental school representative) in panic who arranged for my loupes to be sent out for repair the very next day. (And you know this was fortunate timing since we took an unexpected break from lab…)

My loupes came back safe and sound with the repair completed the next week.

Every now and then I’ll wish I had my loupes at that moment. When I was trying to take out a splinter or looking for something under my bed I thought, “I should really carry my loupes 24/7.” #dentistproblems.


Using and working with dental magnification is an important skill we need to learn, and I’m glad I got these Designs for Vision loupes, especially with my repair incident. ;) Plus with the newly repaired nose pad, my loupes feel so much better on my nose and on my ears.


  1. You have a New AD,BlogHer.
    It's coool like you!!

  2. At school, we are not required to get loupes and it´s a shame. From what I see on this an other posts of yours, I believe that loupes are necessary. In which kind of procedures do you use them?

    1. We use them for all general restorative procedures. We used them for amalgam preps & restorations. It helps greatly with posture since you're not leaning in trying to see better. Also you look so official. ;)