Sunday, May 12, 2013

Graduate! onward.

Here it’s been raining in the most wonderful way.

I’m sorry it’s Penn’s graduation weekend but I just love this rain! Friday night I went to bed listening to a loud thunderstorm outside my window and woke up to a cool breezy morning. Does it count as a workout if you had every intention of running but fell asleep in your workout clothes ?


Seems like dental students are the only ones walking around with backpacks on this campus. Not that I mind because the weather is so pretty it’s hard to be grumpy and well, we’ll be done in FOUR WEEKS!

This end of the semester is like a cliff. I keep flipping weeks on my Google Calendar and before I know it, my calendar is empty.

Have you watched this commencement speech by David Foster Wallace on the power of attitude? It’s called “This is Water” and it’s brilliant. This is advice we can all incorporate into our everyday lives and I love that. At my commencement speech we were told to choose happy marriages over happy careers. And I love all the ongoing talk about women and careers and partnerships.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I just swallowed an elastic from my braces while eating an apple... I really hope these are biodegradable. That might be my cue to sign off.

What are some good advice you’ve gotten upon graduation?
Are they relevant/useful yet in your life?