Saturday, May 25, 2013

last practical exam for D1!

We took our last practical exam Thursday!!! All week I needed to make sure I was feeling top, ready to perform on game day- like an athlete! That meant getting enough sleep and eating healthy things and not pushing it too much in lab. If I felt a little achey or my eyes were getting fatigued, I knew I had to go home.

But first, getting there. When all I wanted to do was plop down on my bed and curl up into a reality-denying ball, these things brought me back to dental school.

- A kickass GRD playlist! mostly made up of Glee songs.
- Thinking of that iced coffee to pick up on my way to dental school.
- Adding more teeth to the “Bag of Shame” now renamed “Bag of Getting Better” !

bag it up.jpg

- Remember that it’s still light out at 8PM… walking back to dental school in darkness is the saddest.


- Knowing I can take my frustration out on these ivorine teeth. (And soften out some new burs in the process!)


- Knowing I’ll get better with practice. And lots!!! of patience.

I need a conditioning coach… or just GP to tell me what to do with every moment of my life. Happy long weekend! Usually memorial days are for road trips and pool parties but I’m still having dental school classes this year.