Tuesday, May 28, 2013

so close- two weeks to go.

After a long and leisurely Memorial Day weekend, we’re back in the game. I’m waiting for my practical grades and enjoying this beautiful weather. The Penn campus is so lush and green this time of the year. And a little bit abandoned…


I bought my tickets to Dallas for reunion with my college friends. Six weeks to go until we’re spending Fourth of July weekend together in Texas! (And I am on summer break from dental school!)

Until then:
- Nine days of class
- Four exams- we have dental materials today.
- One essay

2013-05-24 18.38.20

I’ve also been reading a lot more than I should. I know, it’s so close but sunshine in warm 80’s weather equals reading in my book (oooh I sneaked in a pun). Ran to Chinatown this week after a long running hiatus, ate a ton of delicious foods at potlucks, hot pot night, and my birthday picnic. I’m 24! And almost a D2.