Monday, May 20, 2013

suburgatory teeth sabotage

I love this show- that’s no secret. I’ve talked about Noah’s sunny beautiful office before.

I just about died watching this episode Apocalypse Meow:

Untitled2UntitledLooks like someone switched over to digital radiographs… Winking smile

Here Noah brings in his therapist for a “free cleaning”. Bob who is his therapist started dating someone Noah was interested in. So Noah takes his revenge in the best way he knows how: with evil restorations.


Power of composite, yeah?

Vampire teeth were actually a trend in Japan. Some offices specialized in creating this “Yaeba” look. The fake fangs are attached with a non-permanent adhesive.


A quick comment about cosmetic dentistry: I commented to my orthodontist that my mamelons are really prominent. She said, “yeah, and they make you look younger. Some people really like them.”

I guess you could fabricate mamelons on Class IV restorations for that younger look? I had no idea mamelons were something to want. To me it’s like… your hairline or your fingerprints. :) They are just there.


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