Thursday, May 23, 2013

throwback thursday

This is a trend now? #tbt? I don’t use instagram so I’m behind on these hashtag trends. I dug up these two-year-old pictures from facebook as breaks. Just clicking through them I had so much fun. Although I think half of my pictures have already been untagged…

Here are some throwback pictures from 2011!

I forgot how many hours I used to spend in lab! I made fish fly filet’s. I presented my research at the undergraduate research fair at the end of the semester and said bye-bye to our seventh floor lab.


I used to have a red-pink-then blonde streak in my hair! You can kind of see it under my ear on my right side… I completely forgot about that. Somehow everyone matched colors this day.


Summer after graduating I visited Korea for two weeks. Short break, but so so so sweet. My parents lived on the beach with a huge backyard garden. Naturally we ate a ton of delicious seafood and spent many hours on the beach.


I’ve been in the nostalgic mood lately. I’ll randomly message my fam and ask things like, “do you remember the cornbread from that farmers’ market?” Thankfully everyone else in my family has an incredible memory.

Quick: what’s your favorite summer memory from 2011?