Sunday, June 23, 2013

a very long sunday

I woke up at 3AM today. I think it was the coffee I drank at 7PM yesterday. My body’s been weaning off coffee and I’ve been sleeping SO MUCH lately. I couldn’t go back to sleep so my day began at 3AM, starting with a night meal (breakfast #1), me making my master to-do list for the week ahead.

to-do list checked off2

I was so productive today! I had a long chat with parents in Korea (time zone fell just right), made it to mass, and got tons of reading done. I’m taking an online class on Health Care Reform & the Affordable Care Act and I’m learning all these cool (perhaps obvious) facts. Like, in the U.S. medical insurance is employer-based. I never thought about that or wondered how that came to be. (Employers used such fringe benefits to attract workers.)

reading at bn2

I also almost finished The Fault in Our Stars. I’m just at the pivotal part where important information is revealed (if I spoil it for you, you would never go read this masterpiece)… Even when I’m not reading that book, I’m constantly thinking about Hazel and Augustus.

Yawn. It’s barely 9:15PM and I’m sleepy. Today feels like two long days blended into one. I’ll close with some beautiful shots of the Schuylkill I took on my jog this morning. The water was so blue and the trees so green.


Good night, including you night owls! Happy kind-of-last week of June ahead.


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