Monday, June 3, 2013

compassionate dentists

I woke up early yesterday morning (too hot, too many thoughts) and was browsing the internet in my bed and found this wonderful article on XOJane: My dentist was made to believe I was dead and it made me realize why I shouldn’t kill myself and you shouldn’t either.


I love this because Dr. Chen- or whoever she might be- is a great example of a compassionate caring dentist who’ll think of you as more than a mouth with a set of teeth. And it speaks to me personally because a dentist can be more than someone who takes care of your teeth.

This was a happy and inspiring article to wake up to.


  1. Best part of my day was when you walked into GRD and handed me yummy homemade (and healthy) food. nom nom.

    1. Hahaha :) And you proceeded to eat them with your gloved hands.