Monday, June 10, 2013

first weekend off! Six Flags and boot camp-ing

I took my first FULLY FUN weekend in a long time! When I had dental school classes I always felt like I should be doing school stuff but this was an irresponsible amazing weekend all for myself.

We had annual Disney passes growing up- Disneyland when we lived in California and Disney World when we were living in Tampa. We used to bring in homemade brownies (rule-breakers!) so now I associate amusement park-going with brownies!

2013-06-06 17.55.50

So I made black bean brownies to take to Six Flags which didn’t happen because I ended up eating them all before Sunday (I gave some away too!). We also made this raw vegan fruit tart for a birthday boy, a recipe from my birthday present cookbook.

Six Flags was a lot of fun! I only took a mini ID pouch with me so I don’t have a lot of photos but I got so much good adrenaline high’s on this short day. Six Flags is supposed to be a more grown-up scary theme park, right? That’s what I always thought living in Cali.

We rode Kingda Ka in the front row!!! The ride lasts twenty seconds but ohmygosh so crazy. Just watching this video gives me the heebie-jeebies.

2013-06-09 12.18.42

Saturday I went to the Be Well Philly Magazine Boot Camp on Drexel campus. An entire day of sweating, massages, free foods, info sessions and chats with like-minded health-conscious women. Liz and I had a ton of fun and left with a bunch of free goodies.


We got corrective massages and my poor neck and shoulder from dentist training got so pampered. It felt amazing to take an entire weekend off! Summer’s only started and I already feel SO MUCH more relaxed and de-stressed compared to the dental school year. It’s a great feeling.


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