Thursday, June 20, 2013

free summer

Summertime is so lovely- especially after nine months of dental school madness. I love waking up after multiple snoozes, taking long walks around Philly, and eating the best fruits in season- watermelons and nectarines. I bought a huge watermelon and spent an hour chopping them up into little joy boxes in my fridge:

watermelons are for summers

I’ve been strolling around Farmer’s Markets and eating spontaneous good foods like this vegan banh mi from Kung Fu Hoagies (Check their twitter on the link to see when they’ll be nearby!). I’d been meaning to go all through the dental school year!

kung fu hoagies mmm

Between good foods, yoga and amazing massages (I felt like I was meat being tenderized. Is that a weird analogy?) I’m so happy zen right now. And as weird as it is to say this (my biggest pet peeve is people telling me to “take it easy”)… I am taking it easy.

And 2 weeks until I’m reunited with my girls who make me this happy. I see more culinary adventures & margarita confessions in our near future!


I am so glad I took this summer off from dental school things. I’m working on a few projects right now but it’s nothing like the crazy bustlin’ of dental student life. I feel like myself again and have time to do things: my apartment is getting a makeover & I’m actually cooking good food to eat. Okay, time to go grocery shopping & run some errands with an iced coffee in my hand. xx!

How is your summer going? What’s your favorite summer fruit?