Thursday, June 13, 2013

make a living, make a life.

When you think “paying the rent”, do you think: “writing a check out to my landlord at the beginning of every month” or “making the payment necessary to sustain my place of living”? Same thing about “working”. Is it: “Being somewhere from 9-5 to get money” or “Finding personal fulfillment from my passion and contributing to the society and beyond”?

I had the most amazing meeting with a professor earlier this week. We got to talking about his research which is really interesting but I was more moved by his reason for pursuing this field. He sees his work as a way to bring care to those who need it desperately, especially in third world countries where people cannot afford $1 a day on medicine. He sees his research as a possible way to bridge that injustice gap. I know this motivates him to work harder- work smarter- because he sees his work as something more than a way of making money.

It was so inspiring and SO moving. It was my first time chatting with this professor and I was tearing up! (Okay, not that crying in front of a professor is anything new for me.) I coughed a little and tried to blame allergies.

Remind myself this every day

I received this fortune cookie at Pho dinner last weekend. So this thought had been on my mind, going into this meeting.

What does a career mean for me? What motivates me to succeed in my career? What do I want to achieve with my career? Are career achievements the goal or a means for something else? For this meeting to occur right after this cookie, I believe the Universe is telling me something.


  1. Very insightful post, Yesle! And so true. Sometimes, I have my doubts about my career choices ("No salary and no showers for two years? You must be crazy!") We each have our own special way to change the world for the better... mine is through language, and yours is through taking care of the teeth in the mouth that speaks the language! <3 Keep up the hard work. There are so many people out here in the world that are in desperate need of dentists and health care.

    1. Helen, I respect your decision/service so much! And I love reading about your growth in your Peace Corp adventure. I love the analogy of our careers intertwining together! Thank you for your inspiring words!!!

  2. Great Words!
    Thanks to small things and Do your best in your place.

    p.s. It's time to update your Introduction(About). Now you finished your freshman successfully.

    1. Are you typing from your phone? I will do it soon! :) I know, I can't believe I'm done with D1!!!