Monday, July 29, 2013

I Heart Guts’ teeth keychains.

Good morning! I received these adorable keychains in the mail from I Heart Guts. Check out these adorable teeth keychains here: gold for crown lovers or white for the regular flossers. ;)

20130718-IMG_7660 (800x533)

In dental school, you accumulate a bunch of teeth-related things. Like these practice plastic teeth I put inside a fish bowl which kind of became… apartment deco.


I Heart Guts has the cutest collection of organ/microbe/body part toys I’ve seen. What’s your favorite organ? I am kind of obsessed with the liver- it’s a magical place for metabolism! The esophagus is kinda cool, especially after seeing it for realz last year… so how about an esophagus pin to show your gut-love?

20130718-IMG_7651 (800x533)

Perfect to celebrate the new(!!!) dental student in your life or your favorite dentist. So nerdy, so cute, so right. Who wouldn’t want an eyeball pillow for her birthday gift?

20130718-IMG_7664 (800x533)

Props to the talented photographer Lan La for the pictures. You know I’ll be rocking this adorable tooth keychain on my backpack around dental school come fall.

Enter DISFORDENTIST at checkout for 10% off on all merchandise. I won’t judge if you pick some other body part not teeth…
So cute! Check out everything adorable body part at I Heart Guts (and the puns are too punny).

Thursday, July 25, 2013

on indolence

I was casually surfing the internet yesterday when I saw the time: 7:05PM. I thought my computer had the wrong time zone for a second. I completely missed the post office!!

I bought these plastic popsicle-making thingies the other day and froze up blended nectarines into popsicles. I’ve been spending my time (and money) on frivolous things like this: making popsicles, shopping for stickers, eating popsicles.popsicles

I have to be careful because too much sugar makes me like this…Snapshot_20130718_14

After reading Cooked by Michael Pollan I’m fascinated by the idea of becoming a producer in something so important and crucial as food. And by homemade bread and kimchi!!! I can just catch some yeast/microbes from the air and they’ll change my foods? Magic! My stomach is getting a complete microbe overhaul here…  And I bought this bread at the bakery today just because it’s so airy- inside this thin crunchy shell is just air:


Beautiful right? This post is supposed to be about how this summer is a good break from dental school, the joys of being lazy etc etc… but excuse me it’s too hot outside. Instead I give you pictures of delicious things I’m eating and some rants about bacteria. It’s a good summer.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Spotty writing here. I was visiting my grandma’s where she has a big garden with edible plants.

This is a sweet potato plant. I have never seen one before!sweetpo

The roots extend from the green stems into the ground. That part becomes the edible starchy part of the plant we love.sweetpo2

This is a baby persimmon. About three months away from harvest.persm

This is a frozen persimmon from last year’s harvest. We make frozen persimmons, dried persimmons (on the roof made deliciously dense and chewy by sunshine and morning dew), raw persimmons, semi-ripe persimmons (a bit more firm), persimmon vinegar…pers

Cucumbers straight from garden to table for a cool post-dinner crunch. cucum

We talked about plants and gardening! She reminded me a couple of things: plants don’t just grow with sunshine and water- you need to put in lots of work to make them grow! Every year she digs a HUGE hole by the persimmon tree and fills it with fruit peels and leaves.

From garden to kitchen table in two seconds: food never tasted so good. This is battery-charging at its best. Refueling.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

back from Jeju vacation

I’m safe in Korea! This is the longest hiatus I’ve taken from blogging ever- Appa keeps asking why I haven’t written. ;) Still recovering from the lazy speed of summer vacation I guess?

We just returned from vacationing in the beautiful Jeju Island. This is going to be a picture-heavy post…

Jeju is an island south of the main Korean peninsula. It is essentially a huge volcanic rock so naturally there are tons of porous igneous rocks everywhere. The island has its own unique architecture, unique dialect, and local foods. jejumap

It was pouring hard in mainland but here it was like tropical paradise. There’s lots of citrus fruit (I loaded up on “persimmon-tangerines” and “Halla” oranges)!!! We spent a lot of time out in nature and visiting museums. Jeju has best of both.


This lush green arboretum. These rock sculptures were so cute and looked like a crowd from far away. There’s a Jeju symbol/guardian made of that porous rock (in the pizza pic above).rockheads (800x600)

We visited traditional Korean houses.. The ceilings are low because it’s so windy on the island.tradfhouse (800x600)

tradhouse (800x600)

Hoppin’ on a boat to tour Udo- one of the many small islands off the coast.boatin (800x481)

We hiked up to Seop-ji-ko-ji, a series of hills by the rocky coast. This is where “All In” was filmed. There’s a church on top of the hill where the female (Song Hye-Kyo’s character) stayed.allin (800x600)

Sneaky shot of Appa in the beautiful coastal Shilla Hotelshilla (800x600)

O’sulloc teahouse with the mandatory green tea ice cream (in collage above).
There were acres upon acres of tea plants next to the museum. I love tea so this was a treat.sulloctea (800x600)

Pinko came along (Bruce is currently MIA). Here he is watching the fam cross the road.pinko (800x600)

Heading home. We rode this giant plane home: so loud but so much fun. If you see this picture
and the one above, our family hit all shades of the rainbow.planing (800x617)

Mountains, beaches and oceans, rocks, plants, and good food. A wonderful vacation to kick off the summer. Now I’m marveling at the fully equipped kitchen and bookshelves of cookbooks at home.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Flying out: bye-bye first year dental school!

Our first year dental school grades are in! Seeing my final grades on the official Penn transcript, those classes seem so long ago- but I did fine. (Is that bad news for my NBDE Boards next summer? I’ll think about it later!)

Looking back on my first year, days are long but the years are short. This is from The Happiness Project’s Gretchen Rubin and it couldn’t be more true about dental school. We spent so many hours in our General Restorative Lab (three days a week, baby!) and yet in my mind all those hours blurred together into one huge Munch expression.


When I think about everything we’ve learned this year (previous post from December), the hard and soft skills I’ve acquired, it’s clear I have grown SO MUCH. With this knowledge comes the confidence: of becoming a specialist in a specialized field and of knowing I have a huge capacity to learn.

stud study studying

Throughout the year I had my doubts. Everyone else seems to know so much more (and have dentist parents therefore so much more insight into the profession etc).

Some non-dental school accomplishments I’m proud of: beginning the vegan transition, attending ASDA Annual Session, volunteering with the Oral Cancer Walk & Run, completing my Bible Timeline class, and running my first half marathon. And of course, staying sorta sane through it all.

I feel transitions better when I’m geographically removed from the place- so this first year will seem really complete, wrapped up in a blue bow when I’m away from Philly and away from Penn dental. I’m leaving to Korea in a few hours! See you on the other side of the ocean! (Also my blog publishing times will be all funky with American local times.) xx.

What’s your proudest achievement this year? Don’t be bashful- you wonderful people out there!

Monday, July 8, 2013

back from Dallas reunion!

This break is just what I needed. Back in the good ol’ Texas heat, with my gorgeous girlfriends and good food, DRIVING AROUND, puppy time!

We watched Texas boys playing corn hole (this rugby player had a ponytail!). Typical Dallas scene: beautiful people doing beautiful things, and the Texas flag waving in the background.

2013-07-05 17.59.58

The girls at dinner! I am so happy we flew in from all over the country to meet up here. Phoenix-Dallas-Seattle-Philly-Fort Worth. Just like two years ago, only more fabulous and grown-up-wise.

1300_10200432842963720_2036774787_n (1)

Beergarita and guac/chips. Fourth of July yum’s!

2013-07-05 17.27.42

Eating snow cones at Fourth of July festival. Fireworks never get old.

2013-07-04 19.02.49

We took all these webcam photos and this one we tried to get Athena in. Kinda-sorta-worked?


Just what I needed!!! Now I’m unpacking and packing again until Korea vacation. Our family vacation is booked for later this week.

It’s so great knowing that we grow up (do amazing things!!!) but we’re always there for each other for support/advice/hard love. Perfect Fourth of July weekend in Dallas. Today and tomorrow = no more fried foods/alcohol/chocolates. And checking things off my to-do list until my next flight- 13 hours and then some.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Good morning! I’ve joined the world of instagram. Do you have it? What sort of pictures do you find fun/helpful/funny?

Follow me @yeslecake (linked here). I also added a live feed on the side bar of the blog here if you don’t have instagram (yet).

I’ll be busy traveling next few days but I promise I’ll be snapping tons of pictures! Smile

Today’s a busy day for packing up & eating up my grocery store reserves, plus running around town for errands. I might grab the newest fad cronut (it is trademarked!!!) down in Rittenhouse Square during my errands. Off to grab my morning coffee- black, iced.  xx.

Eat-Cake-for-Breakfast-TerryKate Spade

Monday, July 1, 2013

conversations over food

Good morning to fresh coffee and delicious pastries! I caught up with YH over brunch this week. We had such a wonderful conversation about challenges of dental school & how to be strong in face of those challenges. Over hot coffee and yummy breakfast things, I had many revelations.

pastry breakfast

I happened to walk by a Farmer’s Market this week and bought a HUGE zucchini. I love zucchini- sautéed it with olive oil, salt and pepper or even just plain. But this time I was feeling a little adventurous for zucchini bread.


Ah! The wonders of school-free summers. I made a huge loaf and ate it, still warm and gooey, for dinner.

yummy bread

I swear, baked goods were aligned in the stars for me these two days. The next day Laura came over and we made these vegan chocolate chip cookies for two while catching up.

I’m eating up (haha) books on nutrition, food, cooking and baking with my summer free time. This week I am so looking forward to cooking for and eating meals with the girls (hi-Laura-Helen-Alex-Nazish!!!!!). I especially loved Gastronomy of Marriage by Michelle Maisto because Maisto puts into words what I was only feeling and couldn’t describe: the ritual of setting up a meal, how food shapes our identity/reveals facts about ourselves to a careful observer, clashing (and blending) of different cultures… And I truly believe that good wholesome food made with love can feed us beyond our hunger.