Monday, July 1, 2013

conversations over food

Good morning to fresh coffee and delicious pastries! I caught up with YH over brunch this week. We had such a wonderful conversation about challenges of dental school & how to be strong in face of those challenges. Over hot coffee and yummy breakfast things, I had many revelations.

pastry breakfast

I happened to walk by a Farmer’s Market this week and bought a HUGE zucchini. I love zucchini- sautéed it with olive oil, salt and pepper or even just plain. But this time I was feeling a little adventurous for zucchini bread.


Ah! The wonders of school-free summers. I made a huge loaf and ate it, still warm and gooey, for dinner.

yummy bread

I swear, baked goods were aligned in the stars for me these two days. The next day Laura came over and we made these vegan chocolate chip cookies for two while catching up.

I’m eating up (haha) books on nutrition, food, cooking and baking with my summer free time. This week I am so looking forward to cooking for and eating meals with the girls (hi-Laura-Helen-Alex-Nazish!!!!!). I especially loved Gastronomy of Marriage by Michelle Maisto because Maisto puts into words what I was only feeling and couldn’t describe: the ritual of setting up a meal, how food shapes our identity/reveals facts about ourselves to a careful observer, clashing (and blending) of different cultures… And I truly believe that good wholesome food made with love can feed us beyond our hunger.