Thursday, July 25, 2013

on indolence

I was casually surfing the internet yesterday when I saw the time: 7:05PM. I thought my computer had the wrong time zone for a second. I completely missed the post office!!

I bought these plastic popsicle-making thingies the other day and froze up blended nectarines into popsicles. I’ve been spending my time (and money) on frivolous things like this: making popsicles, shopping for stickers, eating popsicles.popsicles

I have to be careful because too much sugar makes me like this…Snapshot_20130718_14

After reading Cooked by Michael Pollan I’m fascinated by the idea of becoming a producer in something so important and crucial as food. And by homemade bread and kimchi!!! I can just catch some yeast/microbes from the air and they’ll change my foods? Magic! My stomach is getting a complete microbe overhaul here…  And I bought this bread at the bakery today just because it’s so airy- inside this thin crunchy shell is just air:


Beautiful right? This post is supposed to be about how this summer is a good break from dental school, the joys of being lazy etc etc… but excuse me it’s too hot outside. Instead I give you pictures of delicious things I’m eating and some rants about bacteria. It’s a good summer.