Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Spotty writing here. I was visiting my grandma’s where she has a big garden with edible plants.

This is a sweet potato plant. I have never seen one before!sweetpo

The roots extend from the green stems into the ground. That part becomes the edible starchy part of the plant we love.sweetpo2

This is a baby persimmon. About three months away from harvest.persm

This is a frozen persimmon from last year’s harvest. We make frozen persimmons, dried persimmons (on the roof made deliciously dense and chewy by sunshine and morning dew), raw persimmons, semi-ripe persimmons (a bit more firm), persimmon vinegar…pers

Cucumbers straight from garden to table for a cool post-dinner crunch. cucum

We talked about plants and gardening! She reminded me a couple of things: plants don’t just grow with sunshine and water- you need to put in lots of work to make them grow! Every year she digs a HUGE hole by the persimmon tree and fills it with fruit peels and leaves.

From garden to kitchen table in two seconds: food never tasted so good. This is battery-charging at its best. Refueling.