Monday, August 12, 2013

last week of vacation in Korea: recharge.

It’s already my last week in Korea and I’m arranging when I’m going to get my Philly apartment keys…

We spent the day in 삼청동 (Samcheong-Dong). It’s a neighborhood in Seoul with traditional Korean houses on hilltops and tons of shops/restaurants on the bottom. I felt like I walked into 19th century Chosun or something.



We stopped by the SK-II pop-up shop here. I got my skin tested with the “magic ring” and I got a score of 34%, putting my skin at 26 years old to my real 24. I blame dental school.


Earlier this week we went down to Daegu again for our grandpa’s memorial ceremony. Spent the weekend with extended family and the two little cousins.


So yeah… with the traveling/shopping/packing/cleaning the apartment, it’s been a little crazy.

Here’s the thing about summers: it’s only a few weeks, barely a whole month spent in Korea but I leave completely rejuvenated and recharged for the upcoming year. I eat good food, take tons of pictures, and build up memories to keep me motivated for dental school.

I pick up a few good habits too: a complete skincare routine, dressing up not in scrubs and jeans, eating (rice) cake for breakfast, etc etc. :)


  1. Ooohh, any recommendations for skincare routine/new products from Korea? My sister and I are always on the lookout for new face things :)

    1. I lived at The Face Shop & Nature Republic for random packs and cleansers that smell fruity delicious. I don't know if these are any cheaper in Korea but I know Shiseido and SK-II carry limited items in Asia, which is where I get all my skincare things.