Monday, August 5, 2013

learning to say no- and yes.

I found this somewhat frightening book on my childhood bookshelf. It has all these potentially dangerous situations (adults offering rides, strangers calling on the phone) and what to do when a child’s encountered these situations.

saying noes

I’m way beyond the age where I have to worry about getting candy from strangers. But for me, learning to say no is a skill I have yet to learn and practice.

A great opportunity sorta fell into my laps last semester. I committed to it without thinking because it was a fantastic project. Then for the next couple of days, I had nightmares: I’m on stage to sing a song/perform a scene/dance, only I have no idea what I’m doing.

The project was a great opportunity and I thought I could squeeze out a little bit more time from my dental school life. But after some thought, I had to admit I couldn’t do it… and thankfully the person was really understanding and we worked it out.

I’m starting to recognize that I like to overload my plate. I like the feeling of being busy and being needed somewhere. In talking with a friend (who is on the verge of some major career changes) she pointed out that it’s more important to say yes to the right things. That’s why we say no.

And by saying no to the “wrong” things, I can make room for the right things in my life, causes and projects I’m passionate about.

Less than a month until school starts! I’m saying yes to: reading, letters, and trinkets at subway stations (Korea has the cutest stuff!).

What are you saying “yes” to this summer?


  1. Aww man I feel your pain!! Saying no to opportunities is one of the hardest things for me to deal with. But what I've learned is that saying no makes it possible for you NOT to half-ass the stuff that you actually love.

    Still, it doesn't make it much easier :( lol.. I'm sure I'll be trying to figure this out all over again once I'm in school blehh

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