Thursday, August 1, 2013

orthodontic braces and chronic pain.

When a friend asked for advice on braces-if she should get them this year or wait until after dental school- I hesitated. Sure it’s best to start early when you are younger… But stressful dental school is not the best time to be in chronic pain/having to watch what you eat 24/7.

After we worked on rotating my molars I was in pain for a full three days. It made me cranky, irritable, and just in a bad mood overall. I could see how chronic pain could permeate every aspect of your life- I could barely focus on studying the day after my dental appointment.

I mean, it’s a lot of work for the teeth to move around in their bone sockets. It’s literally bone-crushing pain.


My favorite foods- like popcorn!- were off limits. I could chew on the other side, but if I accidentally hit the rotating teeth with the opposite arch, ohmygosh, I would just started crying. For the first time I regretted getting braces. I was so miserable.


But of course, all that passed and I’m just amazed to see my teeth shifting…. until the next dental appointment. Gulp.

Now that I’m on vacation from dental school, I sorta wish I could go through all the painful stuff right now. It’s ironic that the time I could afford to deal with pain is summer vacation when I can’t make my orthodontist appointments.

I’ve had braces for nine months now! It’s been a long time.


  1. So I just totally stumbled upon your blog but I wanted to say how I'm loving reading your posts! I'm actually from Houston, Texas, went to UT, took 2 years off, and am a Temple Class of 2016 student! It's always great to read about what other dental students are doing, especially ones with a somewhat similar track to mine!

    1. Fellow Houstonian! :) And a current Philly resident at that. Great to hear from you!

  2. Braces are never fun, especially if it means your favorite foods are off-limits! Just keep telling yourself that braces are only temporary but your beautiful smile will be with you your whole life. And there is plenty of time to eat lots of popcorn!

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