Saturday, August 24, 2013

summer ‘13 gratitudes.

This summer I’m grateful for having a real home to go to, with loving family and friends.

I moved around so much growing up that I never felt like I had a hometown. I never had those histories and stories attached to a familiar place. Now I see that home is wherever I’m with family.

It’s hard to grow up and grow out when you don’t know who you are. That identity and sense of belonging is so important! Now I see that growing up Korean, with familiar Korean foods and Korean television shows and this Korean common sense of pride and history, has been so wonderful. Even when I don’t know the latest K-pop star or graduated from American schools, this is my identity.

Like loving patbingsoo in the summers:2013-08-03 18.37.11

And turning to Korean snacks when feeling homesick:koreansnacks

Or getting too excited about Korean mushy goodness: tofu and dotori-muk (acorn jelly)

I’m more than a little homesick but the good news is that school is starting next week! I am not going to have time to mope around looking up weekend flights to Seoul.

How would you describe your cultural identity? I think the fact I love eating kimchi with everything (sweet potato, spaghetti, tacos!) says everything.


  1. Omg Yesle! I love the same foods lol.. One of my favorite things so far is going to the shijang to get fresh tofu and dotori mook! Also, the goguma cake at Paris Baguette is BOMB

    1. Shijang!!! They are a dying breed. Even my grandma goes to air-conditioned grocery stores for food now. Korea has the best street foods, especially those in shijang.

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