Monday, September 23, 2013

Make time (happy Chuseok!)

This year feels different. This summer I made the decision to put more weight on health- in all forms, spiritual, emotional, and physical. My emotions sway wildly back and forth and with the heavy workload of dental school, it’s like multiplying that amplitude by a thousand.

In celebration of Chuseok (the Korean harvest festival) this week, I got Korean food with Bri & it made me so profoundly happy. I was feeling so homesick and sad at missing the family get-together at my grandma’s. But this dinner (and the anticipation leading up to this dinner) cheered me right up!

2013-09-19 18.13.35

Now I’m off to study more drugs for our first pharmacology exam. So many drugs! But things are starting to make sense now.

I finally understood how the alpha-1, beta-1, and beta-2 receptors work. Sometimes they respond together; other times we can selectively stimulate or block them! I’m pretty sure I learned it five times in college…

This blog is wonderfully awesome: pic from here.


Going to read my impossibly small-fonted Excel file of drugs and go right onto bed. This weekend was wonderful not because I got so much studying done but because I got to do so many things I enjoy. If that ultimately means I don’t get that grade, well, I made my choice on how I choose to spend my time.

2013-09-21 21.53.27

Tomorrow is another day! (Oh- it’s already “tomorrow.”)