Wednesday, September 4, 2013

my bracket came off.

It was bound to happen one day or another. My bracket came off.

At my last appointment I got brackets attached to the entire arch. The ones on the lower molars often “pop off” because the upper molars hit them when you chew. My ortho put acrylics on the occlusal plane of my molars (called “splints”) to keep an open bite- to keep the brackets on.

Two things: 1) It felt incredibly weird to have an open bite where my front teeth, the incisors, didn’t touch. But that’s how my bite was before I got braces. So that’s incredibly cool and wonderful at the same time. 2) Since my brackets got re-adjusted, for one hot minute I didn’t have any brackets on my teeth. I felt that experience everyone who’s had braces warned me about: my teeth felt so slimy and weird.

Anyway, the blue acrylic piece which kept my bite a little open fell off. During dinner when I was eating chewy noodles.

And soon the bracket came off while I was eating dinner with lentils and sweet potatoes! (I’m on a A+ patient diet of mushy things that don’t go crunch- which fortunately includes this goat cheese popsicle from Lil' Pop Shop.)


I have to admit … I feel like I’d let my orthodontist down. I believed I was the model patient who didn’t need emergency appointments. #dentalstudentproblems?

Meanwhile, we’re taking orthodontics. I’m learning all about what those terms actually mean! Orthodontics feels so very distinct from general dentistry. It’s a lot of thinking and projecting and requires the orthodontist to keep moving with an evolving problem. Too cool.

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