Thursday, September 19, 2013

out of context but profound

Professor: “Just reach higher.”
Student: “But what are you reaching for?”

Okay, this conversation was about maxillary anesthesia. (We’re going to be practicing on each other soon! I don’t want dental students poking me with needles and giving me hematomas. But I guess I don’t want dentists doing that.)

I always want to do better and make myself better. But for me “better” is usually just a concept or an idea, not a concrete goal. Maybe I need to think about what I’m reaching for.


I’m great goal-setting with grades or exam scores. But other goals in my life stay kinda hazy. “I want to be healthy”. “I want to make time for friends and family”.

Something else geeky or funny I thought about yesterday: we dental students use the word “armamentarium” as part of our natural vocabulary. I didn’t even know what this word before starting dental school!

Do you set your goal in numbers? With hard deadlines?


  1. Haha we just learned the word "armamentarium" this year!

  2. I had to go look this up.....

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