Wednesday, October 23, 2013

back from north carolina! (& first root canal)

Hi! It’s been a while.

This weekend I took the train down to Durham! (I’ve been wanting to take Amtrak out of our beautiful 30th Street Station for the longest time.) It was nine hours but perfect time to catch up on sleep and magazines.

Upon returning I was so busy jumping back to dental school life. I was studying for pharmacology and catching up on dentures lab that I didn’t write a blog post. Then today happened: I saw my first root canal!!! So this was meant to be.

Okay, backing up, here’s how it’s related. When I was down in Durham, I hung out with Bobby who is an endodontist. One night we spent hours looking at to-be-root-canal-ed radiographs and talked about endodontics.

Here we are making babies laugh:

2013-10-19 09.49.16

Here’s me this morning (I look a little too excited) with Bobby’s plaque in Penn’s new Syungcuk Kim Endodontics clinic. It’s spankin’ new and high-tech and glisteningly beautiful. With the wide-open bays, sun shining in through the windows and the high ceilings, this clinic is just gorgeous. If I were a patient walking into this dental office, I would stay.

2013-10-23 12.00.23

First thoughts about Endodontics: it’s messy (“High-suction please!!!”), it’s mysterious (down that dark narrow tunnel where Pulp used to live), it’s precise. You don’t know what’s going to happen until you open up the tooth! Plus, patients often come in with excruciating pain, so it’s nice to relieve them of the discomfort.

Here’s everybody (wearing Penn stuff!): proud Penn alum & graduate(s)-to-be.

photo 3 (2) (640x480)

What a coincidence, right? I go into our new Endodontics office the week after I come back from hanging out with my favorite endodontist. The trip might have been ill-timed but honestly, it was SO worth it. I came back fully rejuvenated. I also gained fresh insight of what my future’s going to be life. Hint: it’s pretty wonderful.


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