Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fluoride in your bottled water

Do you drink bottled water? I try not to. I like free water from the tap and I’d rather buy sugar sweetened beverages. I love Dr. Pepper and Cherry Diet Coke. I swear having one in the fridge makes me so happy with the anticipation of that sweet caffeine mix… says the future dentist. 

I was thinking about an upcoming trip and wondering what bottled water was in that region. Random, I know. But I have never lived in a “Deer Park” water zone before. Like in Florida, all we saw were Zephyrhills. Then my family took a trip up to NYC one weekend and street vendors were selling Poland Spring! We had to get a bottle to do a water taste test.

Picture from the movie Tappedclip_image002

This speculation got me thinking, is there fluoride in bottled water?

Answer: most usually yes.

The FDA has fluoride level requirements for two kinds of bottled water: those with added fluoride and those without. Water with no added fluoride can contain between 1.4 – 2.4 milligrams per liter of fluoride, while those with added fluoride can contain between 0.8 - 1.7 mg/L fluoride. (I’m excluding imported water for sake of simplicity). Some bottling companies filter the fluoride out of the water.

If the fluoride is from natural source (the company did not add additional fluoride as part of manufacturing process), the fluoride content does not have to be listed. In 2006, FDA approved dental health claims for fluoride in consumed water, although I have never seen water bottles containing fluoride advertised to be “good for your teeth.”- probably due to the ongoing fluoride controversy.

flll Fluoridation map (2006) from CDC

BTW: According to Fluoride Alert, Deer Park contains about 0.07 mg/L of fluoride. (originally from this paper from Harvard School of Dental Medicine)

Have you seen any water bottles making fantastic fluoride dental benefits?
Do you have a favorite local bottled water? (Can you taste the difference?)


  1. The world has learned the truth that fluoridation is ineffectrive for teeth and dangerous to health, so only 5% of the world and only 3% of Europe fluoridate their drinking water, more in the U.S. than the rest of the world combined.
    Israel, on August 6, 2013, has now joined most of the world in banning water fluoridation "because it presents health dangers and its benefits are no longer widely accepted."
    In addition, several hundred cities have voted it out in the last few years, including Wichita, Kansas; Portland, Oregon: Santa Fe, New Mexico; Windsor, Ontario; Fairbanks, Alaska; College Station, TX; Calgary, Alberta; etc., etc. Seventeen regional councils have halted or rejected fluoridation in Queensland, Australia since mandatory fluoridation was dropped there in Nov 2012.
    See the full list of rejections by hundreds of cities here: http://www.fluoridealert.org/content/communities/

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