Monday, October 28, 2013

pleasant event scheduling!

gethappyThis week I’m supposed to schedule in pleasant events into my daily routine. One thing that always makes me happy is going through old pictures.

Like this bookshelf Tiffany gave me: it made me so happy!Snapshot_20120117_15

My shoebox gap year apartment. I took the couch from my senior year suite.
And I loved my green wooden furniture set. add815a6738c__1315498254000

This picture of me in New Orleans during Mardi Gras in 2009. I had mushroom hair! I kind of liked it…2185_1133081606926_2095_n

And this is waaayyyy back but I found this when I was in Korea:
Appa when he was at the Academy! Driving that Jeep like a boss. DSC_0287 (2)

2012-06-11 16.28.00Mark (who is like a x1.2 magnification of Appa) and Mom.

Okay the last few pictures make me just a little bit sad. These are bittersweet because I’m so far away from them. Anyway, it’s weird looking at old photographs because I remember some of my thoughts when I was back there, looking into the camera lense. And now I’m looking back into my own eyes, years later as someone different- yet the same.


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  2. weeeheee LOVE your mushroom hair! also your mom is soooooo pretty yo! good looks run in the family huh? =)

    1. <3 Are you back from the Midwest (I want to say Kentucky but I know that's not it....)

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