Saturday, November 30, 2013

A wisdom tooth by any other name

Talking about the four #7’s here, the third and last molar the wisdom teeth.

In Korean, we call the wisdom tooth 사랑니 which literally means “love teeth”. They erupt around the time you learn what love (or puppy love) is. I think.

I was curious to know what people call wisdom teeth in other languages, hoping these terms would be insightful. Someone already did the work for me! From this blog:


My favorites: in Greek- does getting wisdom teeth mean you are normal and a conformist? ;)

All of our dental school dentoforms have third molars. It’s funny because I naturally assume everyone has third molars (counting up, #16, 17, 18…) but many people get third molars extracted.

A side note about extracting wisdom teeth: about five million people get their wisdom teeth extracted every year. Third molar extractions have become more controversial- these surgeries sometimes cause nerve damage during the surgery. ADA’s official position is neither yay or nay but you don’t always need to get them removed.


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