Saturday, November 2, 2013

braces progressin’- ONE YEAR!

Thank God for Hip City Veg and their amazing groothies. I have been there every single day this week! Their being on Penn campus makes me life exponentially better, I look forward to lunch all morning. ;)

I had an interesting conversation with a friend about veganism there. He mentioned that it’s important to emphasize that your quality of life does NOT have to decrease while converting to veganism. You can appeal to health benefits, animal cruelty, economic reasons, until the cows come home (I have been loving this phrase lately BTW) but until that person feels their enjoyment of food won’t decrease, you won’t convince her.2013-10-29 12.05.56

Same thing for me. I knew having braces was a good thing. Short term discomfort for a lifetime of perfect teeth. Seems easy enough… until it isn’t. I kept thinking: “what about DURING when I have my braces on? Do I just suffer for two plus something years?”

That’s when I needed to think about eating milkshakes and groothies and mushy apples so I could be happy NOW, instead always looking at “life after braces”.

2013-10-27 20.43.48

Dr. Malerman gave us a lecture on orthodontics & I got to thinking about how my life’s different with braces. (An upperclassman told me about his website when she was getting braces!- it’s really fun and has all these braces-friendly recipes)

I don’t eat salads in public.
I don’t eat chewy milk caramel candies.
I go to the restroom whenever I can.
I carry around floss in my purse.

These are little nuisances but my life isn’t awful with braces. And the positives:

I get to see my lovely orthodontist and hang around the Ortho department at Penn.
I now have had braces… in a profession where almost everyone’s been metal-faced.
I can actually use my incisors to eat! Instead of having to cut up pizzas because I couldn’t bite down on them. (Or worse, tear into them like a wolf or something.)

It’s been a year. If you look at my very FIRST picture, my bit is visibly open. And now?


I tried to find a picture of me smiling instead of taking one now… because I’m still in PJ’s with crazy hair. I bought these onesies at the Penn bookstore and DIED of adorableness. Matching onesies for me and little ones??? (LO???)


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