Friday, November 29, 2013

thanksgiving 2013 gratitude's: I’m still here.

Happy Thanksgiving lovelies!


It’s been a while since I did these gratitude posts. But now that it’s Thanksgiving and all…

  • I started the morning off at the Ronald McDonald House. It was a shift without my usual evening crew and I got to meet other new volunteers. Of course we started talking about how we got started. A volunteer told me that he heard about the house after a family member spent a year in the hospital years ago. “And then after he passed away, I started volunteering.” This got me thinking, I am so lucky I have my health and so does my loved ones: family and friends.

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  • This movie TiMer. Alex watched the movie upon persistent begging on my part and we got to discuss it. (Both leading men are from our favorite TV show Gossip Girl! Did that surprise you? It certainly did AQ and me.) I am thankful for quirky romantic movies with interesting endings because they give me so much insight. It’s how I react to these endings that help me evaluate what I think about romance, fate, and life “detours”. Please watch TiMer on Netflix and talk about it with me!!!


I must mention Oona is an orthodontist! There is a super cute scene with her and Mikey playing dentist/patient: “suction please!”

  • I’ve been working on my spirituality. I reach out to God when I need stuff and happily forget when everything’s going well. My friend told me that even my reaching out for God comes from God’s grace. I don’t believe that the purpose of my hardships have been to bring me closer to God but they have had that effect on me.
  • I am also thankful for this blog and you readers. I like the writing part. It’s a good way to spend my energy and channel my frustration sometimes. But I love the feedback part: opening my inbox- to receive emails from you guys saying hello, asking questions, or even sending me something random my post reminded you of- is the best.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend and beyond,

What was your favorite Thanksgiving dish this year?
What weird-ending movie has stuck out to you recently?

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