Saturday, December 14, 2013

baby it’s cold outside

We got our first snow in Philadelphia last weekend. It started snowing while I was in our basement lab working on teeth things. I saw the snow start to pile up out the window and by the time I left, we had this Winter Wonderland.


So gorgeous! I love my duck boots because I can deliberately stomp on every snow pile I see.

first snowIn front of Penn School of Dental Medicine entrance

Philadelphia is so efficient when it comes to cleaning up the roads and sidewalks! In Houston when I was an undergraduate, entire city shut down when we got a tiny bit of unexpected snow.

birdmanSnowman (or snow-bird?) on my walk home

The beautiful scenery outside makes last week of dental school much more bearable. It’s snowing outside as I type this. Perfect day for sipping on latte’s and reading- I mean, studying antibiotics and antivirals.

- Yesle