Tuesday, December 10, 2013

NYC on a last-minute getaway

After a pretty rough week (and lots of self-doubt and frustration), I decided to go to NYC on a last-minute getaway. I needed a break from dental school and from Philadelphia. I had a crazy dental school exam schedule coming up but once the idea popped into my head, I was just so ridiculously happy.

New York is so gorgeous during Christmastime! It’s also very crowded with everyone else who believes the same. Yulia and I caught up over lunch, ran around town for cupcakes, and went to see best Christmas tree in the world: one at Rockefeller Center.

I wanted to watch Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark before it closes upcoming January. We caught the matinee show. I loved the rock-and-roll feel of the songs by Bono and The Edge. U2 fans will appreciate some cameo appearances of their songs. ;) The set design is incredible with buildings rotating upside-down and 2.5-dimensional cartoon backgrounds.


We were so close to the stage! If you want to splurge for a musical, this is the one. Spider-Man will be flying right over your head.


It got dark pretty fast so we got to see the beautiful (blinding) NYC lights in Times Square, plus the lit-up Christmas lights and decorations.


Then, home-bound.

I want to live in NYC once in my lifetime. There are two dental schools in the city! (I love how you can say “the city” and everyone knows exactly which one.)

- Yesle


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    1. Dearest Brianna-cheese. where are YOU? across the ocean enjoying snowy Korea weather I hope?