Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thirteen months and now “finishing”

At my last visit, my orthodontist made this cast of my teeth to see the progress (especially my tricky little third molar in the back). Now we are officially in the “finishing” or “detailing” phase of my orthodontic treatment… only that this finishing will also take a while.


I was almost a Boards Lesion patient (meaning a student dentist would use my cavity to demonstrate her dentist skills for an exam). But since my braces are expected to stay on throughout May, she couldn’t use me as her dental patient.

This is so exciting to be officially moving onto a next phase. Plus, smaller tweaks mean less pain. I have decided I’m going on a sticky gooey diet when my braces come off. It’s kind of a reverse detox.


How did you celebrate your getting braces off?
Or how do you plan on celebrating? (It’s a nice daydream!)


  1. haha yesle! wow nice model!

    be my board patient :P ?

  2. hehe jk you should get them treated when the braces are out~
    your mandy model looks so much bigger than the maxie!

    1. Yep, I tried to snap a quick pic while my ortho went to get supplies. I would LOVE to be your boards patient Bri-cheddar!