Tuesday, January 21, 2014

acting in fake teeth: jonah hill

Jonah Hill talks in New York Times article about how his fake perfect teeth helped him settle into his character. He discusses how wearing prosthetics made it difficult to speak without a lisp in the beginning.

He does look entirely different in the movie – different from his regular goofy lovable persona. I wonder if this is someone’s job: make up prosthetic teeth for actors and actresses to fit with their on-screen roles. Prosthodontics specialty and Hollywood life, here I come?

jhillPicture source, Picture 2

I only thought he had whitened his teeth in the movie (Yes, they are unnaturally white- fluorescent on screen) While trying to find pictures of Jonah Hill smiling and showing teeth, I noticed he doesn’t smile with his teeth. He always looks like he’s about to burst into laughter though, which is a good look. ;)

Did you guys watch The Wolf of Wall Street? Did you notice his teeth?


  1. That is so interesting. I never realized that TEETH could be considered part of an actor's costume asides from costumes for certain blood-sucking undead characters, that is.

  2. I agree with eventualdds. Such a fascinating thing to consider. Great catch, Yesle. (I suppose something like that would stick out at you. haha)

    1. I started commenting on teeth as part of attraction criteria! Aka "and she has such beautiful teeth" etc.

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