Monday, January 20, 2014

being an army dentist

There are a few classmates in my year who are in the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) program with the military. I did a quick Q+A with three of them last year and the post got a lot of interest from you guys out there.

Last week, Army Strong Stories featured posts by Lieutenant Colonel Kendall Mower who is a dentist in the army. There are some amazing clinical case stories with great pictures. Lt. Col Mower also talks about visiting his daughter’s school as an army dentist for career day. He posted some of the letters he got from the kids- one wrote: “if I didn’t love horses, I would love to be in the army.” Aw!

He also talks about one of the perks of working in the army in the dentist: knowing what to wear every day. ;) His toughest decision every day is deciding what socks to wear.


Check out Lt. Col Mower’s stories on Army Strong here. If you are considering army dentistry, you’ll find them useful. Even if you are not, they are an insightful and interesting read about working as a dentist.